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A therapeutic foot treatment, that uses massage and point-pressure to specific reflex-zones and acupressure-points on the feet, ankles and lower legs. It helps to balance the energy flow throughout the whole body.


Calming and deeply relaxing, it supports balance, comfort and healing.

• calming effect on the nervous system

• reduces stress and tension 

• increases circulation

• supports pain relieve

• can improve body functions

• enhances wellness

What happens during a session? 

The client is positioned face-up on a comfortable massage table, with legs and feet elevated for extra comfort and low back support. The therapist will use some lotion or oil on the feet and lower legs. Specific finger and thumb pressure techniques will target the reflex zones on the soles, as well as acupressure points of the feet, ankles and lower legs. Techniques, like kneading, pressing, holding, and massaging are used, to stimulate the nerves and meridian pathways that connect to organs and glands throughout the body.